Add $.4o each for assembly !    Order Form Here

deer calls
deer call unassembled

deer call assembled
deer call guts/ no barrels
with/without ext.hose
Shown above is one of our deer calls in the various colors offered in many of our plastic parts. These colors are from
left to right: Amber, Smoke, Black and Green. Shown here is our lanyard which is optional and not included
in complete call. Add $.60 per lanyard and please include part # when ordering (901 lan).

Please include all part #  in description when ordering!
Above  in foreground are deer call parts. From left to right
                                                                    grooved reed holder (129 der) $0.45
                                                                     wedge (108 der) $0.15
 individual parts page                                 o ring (401 der) $0.05
                                                                     reed (301 der) $0.10  available in 0.010 black or 0.010 white mylar(most common)
                                                                     Outside Barrel ( 130 der) $0.60 available in Amber, smoke, black and green
                                                                     Small Barrel (102 der) $0.60  available in Amber, smoke, black and green
                                                                     Extension Hose (801 ext) $0.35
order (deer call 130) if you want complete call    Total deer call unassembled (deer call 130) $2.30

Mini Deer DS-129 Black only deer calls

mini bleat
mini deer bleat unassembled
mini deer bleat assembled
mini bleat guts/ no barrels
with/without ext hose

mini deer bleat                     Please use part # when ordering
                                               Parts in foreground from left to right
                                                  reed holder (107-C) $0.25   reed (303-c-014)
individual parts page             wedge (108-C) $0.15
                                                 O ring (401 der) $0.05
                                                 Barrel (153 elk) $0.45  available in black, green and amber
                                                 mini barrel (202-1) $0.30   available in black, green and amber
                                                  extension hose (803 ext) $0.25
order (mini deer bleat m-d-202-1) for complete call  Total call unassembled (mini deer bleat m-d-202-1) $1.65